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More4 is a subsidiary of the Channel 4 network which is aimed at a more mature audience and focuses on drama series, art and investigative documentaries.

History/about the channel in general: Launched in 2005, More4 broadcasts between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm daily. Initially airing a combination of critically acclaimed dramas and documentaries, it has more recently incorporated a series of lifestyle and arts programmes which have also contributed to its continued success. In addition to these programmes, More4 also provides news features as well as programmes which focus on current affairs and politics.

Main programs of More4

Grand Designs: Australia: A lifestyle series presented by architect Peter Maddison and focusing on the attempts of featured individuals to build custom made houses.

Scandal: A political series focusing on Olivia Pope the owner of a crisis management firm and detailing her attempts to leave behind a past which constantly draws her back.

The Closer: A crime series starring LAPD Deputy Chief, Brenda Leigh Jackson and her attempts to obtain confessions – and convictions, from suspects using any means possible.

The Good Wife: A US series focusing on Alicia Florrick as she returns to her career as a litigator following the conviction and subsequent jailing of her husband following a very public scandal. The show details her challenges as she struggles to rebuild her career all over again starting from the very bottom of the ladder

Other programs: Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb, World's Worst Natural Disasters, 4more Live, Crufts, Car S.O.S, The Bermuda Triangle, Return of Jaws, Nashville, Embarrassing Bodies Down Under, OJ Simpson: Caught on Camera, Boss, Hugh's 3 Good Things, Building the Dream, Southland, The Fabulous Baker Brothers,Shipping Wars,The Taste USA, Mammon,Kirstie Allsopp's Home Style, A Very British Witchcraft, Ken Follett's Journey into the Dark Ages ... Grand Designs: Weald of Kent, Location, Location, Location, Time Team, etc, 4more Live.

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